Friday, 18 June 2010

Postgraduate and Early Career Seminar

Rebecca Roberts (Teesside University) presented a fascinating paper at the Postgraduate and Early Career Seminar last night, entitledThe Houses of Sir Arthur Ingram and Lionel Cranfield, earl of Middlesex: a comparative study of elite architecture in England, 1600-1640. Rebecca made a convincing argument that, in terms of architectural fashion and cultural awareness, it was the provinces of England that were regarded as ‘backwards’ rather than the north of England, per se. Along the way, Rebecca discussed the use of brick in these buildings, made the point that regionalism may have influenced the use of available, local building materials and highlighted the influence of Inigo Jones’s architectural style. Rebecca also made the point that distance from London was significant, as proximity to London allowed access to London craftsmen.

In the discussion that followed the paper, Rebecca elaborated on the rationale behind studying the two individuals in question. Ingram and Cranfield were not just contemporaries but friends, suggesting that they would have shared similar networks and contacts.

This was the final seminar paper in the current series. For details of seminar papers in the Autumn term, please click here.

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